Phil Kinnane | April 4, 2012

I had previously blogged about Thermal Cloaking, which uses layers of aluminum and paper to create an anisotropic structure and cloak a desired object. This differs from the “traditional” type of cloaking, of light and electromagnetic waves, which make use of metamaterials or layered structures that impose a negative refractive index to make the cloaked object appear transparent.

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Phil Kinnane | March 19, 2012

While you may think that the prevalence of lightning strikes, would be a reason for not wanting wind turbines in your backyard, noise is apparently another reason. While this has become less of a problem in recent years, the noise is still there, and is always there whenever the wind blows.

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Phil Kinnane | March 8, 2012

Many devices live with a dry, technical name that either basically says what the device does, or is an acronym of that dry, technical name. Very few get a nickname that sticks to become the industry standard.

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