Corrosion Course Introduces Attendees to New Module

Phil Kinnane May 4, 2012
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This week we ran a series of three one-day courses. The first two days centered on modeling batteries and fuel cells, as well as electrodeposition applications. Today, the course looked at simulating corrosion. This was a great opportunity for a number of our customers and other interested people to try out the new Corrosion Module.

The Corrosion Module is used to model corrosion and cathodic protection taking into account electrochemical reaction kinetics, mass and heat transfer, fluid flow, and electrodes that can change in shape due to corrosion batteries. It includes intuitive user interfaces that allow the user to specify the corroding geometry, material properties, and the parameters to be used in the electrochemical equations, such as Nernst-Planck, Butler-Volmer, and Tafel Equations.

Jason Lee from Naval Research Laboratory (left) and COMSOL Instructor, Corrosion Course in Burlington, MA

At the conclusion of the course today, we had a chance to discuss with some of our attendees their thoughts on the course. The feedback was very positive. In particular, Jason Lee from Naval Research Laboratory showed great enthusiasm towards the new course. In our discussion Jason said, “Excellent course involving the complexities of modeling corrosion phenomena. The example models provided a great starting point for engineering the effects of moving boundary conditions, something that has a very steep learning curve when starting from scratch.”

It was a successful week for our new courses. Thank you to all who joined us in experiencing Batteries & Fuel Cells, Electrodeposition and Corrosion.



  1. Dao Trinh (COMSOL) May 7, 2012   11:34 am

    Dear Comsol,

    I can not get the on-site course. Is there any way to get the documents of the formation ?
    Or when is the next formation for the corrosion ?

    Best regards,
    Dao Trinh

  2. Phil Kinnane May 7, 2012   12:47 pm

    Hi Dao,

    This particular course was held last Friday, May 4th. For all upcoming Training Courses, I would suggest you check out our schedule: This page is updated as new courses are added, and the Corrosion course is certain to be repeated.

  3. Aissani Aek May 27, 2012   1:50 pm

    bjr,j’ai l’honneur de vous demander qlqs information sur les étapes “simulation de la corrosion”

  4. Phil Kinnane May 29, 2012   10:26 am

    Hi Aissani,

    The Corrosion Module comes with a series of step-by-step described model examples in its Model Library.

  5. tiago soares June 18, 2012   11:13 am

    Hi Comsol,
    I am curious to know if the thermodynamics properties of the materials can be considered in this model. (response of the material regarding difference of composition, phase…)


  6. Phil Kinnane June 18, 2012   2:59 pm

    Hi Tiago,

    I’m not sure if there is a particular interface for the themrodynamics you mention (certainly Nernst-Planck, Butler-volmer and tafel are available), but in general with Comsol, any equation can be included. This includes phase changes and equations dependent on concentration.

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