MED Institute to Speak about Simulating RF Heating in MRI Scanners in Boston this Fall

Fanny Littmarck August 16, 2012
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Here’s yet another reason to attend the multiphysics event of the year in Boston: MED Institute is going to be one of the keynote speakers. This talk will be especially interesting to those who work with medical applications and RF modeling.

COMSOL Conference 2011 Presentation

The Keynote Presentation

Dr. Alan Leewood of MED Institute will be holding a keynote presentation at the COMSOL Conference in Boston this October on the topic of “Using COMSOL Multiphysics to Simulate RF Heating of Passive Conductive Implants in MRI Scanners”. Dr. Leewood is experienced within the field of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) specializing in using nonlinear FEA to solve different types of industrial problems. It is this expertise that he has brought into MED, and he will share some of it with you as well in his keynote talk (provided you attend the conference, of course!).

What is MED Institute?

MED Institute is a medical manufacturing resource that serves the COOK Group. MED Institute is comprised of researchers, engineers, and medical and technical personnel who work to find and advance new medical product concepts. Find out more about how MED Institute supports the COOK companies on their website.

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