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Local Drug Delivery by Infusion through a Multi-hole Sprinkler – 3D Model for a Prototype Bioartificial Pancreas Device

Peter Buchwald, University of Miami

This is a fully scaled 3D model built to explore the feasibility of localized drug delivery by infusion through a central sprinkler with multiple, non-axial-symmetric holes into a rodent prototype biohybrid device intended for islet transplantation. It uses a combination of COMSOL’s convection & diffusion and incompressible Navier-Stokes fluid dynamics application modes to obtain an approximate description of drug distribution due to both convective and diffusive fluxes. It served to obtain first estimates of the doses and inflow rates required to achieve and maintain concentrations that are within the expected therapeutic range for most of the volume of the cylindrical device so that localized immunosuppression might be achievable. The model is for a steroid-sized drug (D = 6x10-10 m2/s) delivered at a concentration of 20 microM with a constant influx rate (0.25 microL/h) that can be achieved, for example, with implantable Alzet® osmotic mini-pumps. Details of the model are described in the Proceeding of the COMSOL Conference 2007 Boston as well as in a related paper in Pharmazie 2008, 63, 226. This is a time-dependent model (transient analysis); the stationary solution can be obtained by using the solution from a large enough time (t > 10 h) as starting point.

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Jan 31, 2011 at 9:42pm UTC

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