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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 569 0 1 month ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Yu Zhang Yu Zhang How to simulate Hydraulic Fracturing in porous media by COMSOL 7 0 6 hours ago
Nhan Nguyen Nhan Nguyen Fracture Propagation in Comsol
Fracture , 5.2a
619 5 6 hours ago
Abhishek Jain Abhishek Jain Modeling Galvanostatic Pulse measurements 8 0 7 hours ago
Aaron Yu Aaron Yu Can't run Model File for Java in Eclipse 128 3 10 hours ago
Ather Abbas Ather Abbas Variable Ep in Richards Equation.
Richards Equation
29 1 11 hours ago
shriyanka mohapatra shriyanka mohapatra error: failed to evaluate variable jacobian 9 0 12 hours ago
Paolo Giulianelli Paolo Giulianelli Insert a continuous wave on physics domain 11 0 13 hours ago
Edgar Wilfart Edgar Wilfart Moving Assembly into a frame of reference 13 0 18 hours ago
Oussama Dadi Oussama Dadi rigid particle carried by a channel flow
Fluid Flow , FSI , CFD , Structural Mechanics , 4.4
4,146 20 19 hours ago
Dr. Dhafeer AL-Hasnawi Dr. Dhafeer AL-Hasnawi my PC Performance 15 0 20 hours ago
Xiaokang Wang Xiaokang Wang Small time step & slow solving process
5.2 , Solving , Structural Mechanics
83 1 20 hours ago
Rishad Arfin Rishad Arfin Plane wave propagation in 3D structure 25 1 21 hours ago
Ankush Deep Ankush Deep Inclusion of gravity in 3D natural convection problem with heat flux 12 0 22 hours ago
Jacob Watkins Jacob Watkins Moving solid domain within a fluid domain 53 1 1 day ago
Hirak  Chatterjee Hirak Chatterjee Mie Scattering for a Gold Nanoparticle 14 0 1 day ago
Krishnachaitanya S Krishnachaitanya S If else condition syntax in comsol multiphysics 4.2
9,323 10 2 days ago
Spencer Salvatore Spencer Salvatore Electrophoresis Help 14 0 2 days ago
wajid ali wajid ali How to apply constant/uniform magnetic field (1.5 T) parallel to the propagation of light. 16 0 2 days ago
Rishad Arfin Rishad Arfin Unstable Electric field in Time domain simulation 53 4 2 days ago
Jalu Naradi Jalu Naradi Reoriented Potential Mixing 18 0 3 days ago
Ketan Hasija Ketan Hasija Meshing distribution for a single domain 26 0 3 days ago
Marduke Yousefpor Marduke Yousefpor How to Save the Results of Derived Values to File during Batch Sweep? 15 0 3 days ago
Natalie  Chaves Natalie Chaves Multiphysics Node disabled 29 0 3 days ago
Ying Tang Ying Tang problem with cluster parallel computing. 54 1 3 days ago
Hatem Yahyaoui Hatem Yahyaoui Simulation of thermoelectric model (problem of compute) 23 0 3 days ago

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