MEMS Pressure Sensor Drift Due to Hygroscopic Swelling

Application ID: 30901

For their integration in microelectronic circuits, MEMS devices are bonded on printed circuit boards and connected with other devices. Then, the whole circuit is often covered with an epoxy mold compound (EMC) to protect the devices and their interconnects with the board. The epoxy polymers used for such applications are subject to moisture absorption and hygroscopic swelling, which can lead to delamination between the EMC and the board or to incorrect behavior of MEMS components.

The MEMS Pressure Sensor Drift app simulates the drift of the measured strain over time due to hygroscopic swelling on a MEMS pressure sensor subject to a moist environment. The app helps the designer to reach the required sensitivity and minimize the drift. This is done by specifying geometrical parameters, mold compound material properties, and external conditions.

The app was built utilizing the Transport of Diluted Species, Solid Mechanics, and Shell interfaces in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software.

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MEMS Module Structural Mechanics Module