3-D Finite Element Modeling of a Nanostructure Enhanced SAW Sensor

Y.L. Rao[1], and G. Zhang[1-3]
[1] Micro/Nano Bioengineering Laboratory, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, The University of Georgia
[2] Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center, The University of Georgia
[3] Faculty of Engineering, The University of Georgia

Integration of surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices with nanostructures has gained interest in the development of sensors with high sensitivity.

To better design nanostructure integrated SAW devices, it is essential to model three dimensional (3-D) SAW devices and analyze the wave propagation characteristics in nanostructure-enhanced SAW devices.

In this work, a 3-D finite element model of a two-port SAW delay-line device on an XY Lithium Niobate substrate with gold thin film and gold nanostructures was simulated using COMSOL Multiphysics, and the changes in wave propagation characteristics of the SAW device were analyzed.

A time delay of was observed for the SAW device with nanostructures as compared with the device without nanostructures. This increased time delay can be attributed to the increased surface area provided by nanostructures.

This study demonstrated that an enhanced performance for a SAW sensor can be achieved with the incorporation of nanostructures.