Direct Pore-scale Modeling of Two-phase Flow Through Natural Media

I. Bogdanov, J. Kpahou, and A. Kamp
Open and Experimental Centre for Heavy Oil (CHLOE)
University of Pau
Pau, France

Direct numerical simulation of single- and two-phase flow in real pore systems is addressed in our paper. The X–ray computed micro-tomography technique has been applied first to reconstruct in details a real pore space of a subcentimetric sample. Making use of dedicated software (ScanIP) the generated porous medium images has been processed to build a 3D pore space geometry.

Finally, based on imported geometry the COMSOL simulator has generated adapted numerical grid and performed computations of incompressible stationary single-phase and transient two-phase flows. For the latter incompressible modified Navier-Stokes model completed with diffuse interface (Cahn-Hilliard) equations has been used.

The developed methodology is a valuable tool for both fundamental porous medium and applied petroleum and environmental applications.