Electric Current Model of Varying Tissue Properties

D.J. Evans[1], and M.L. Manwaring[1,2]
[1] Brain Instrumentation Lab, Brigham Young University
[2] University of Idaho, Moscow

A COMSOL Multiphysics 2D model of human tissue focuses on the change in dielectric properties (conductivity and permittivity) due to temperature, tissue type, blood flow, structure and other properties. These induced changes in dielectric properties result in significant changes in temperature and possible breakdown of the tissue.

The result of this complex interaction is a feedback loop that changes the model as a function of time.

The Arrhenius model helps account for heat build up over time and provides a mechanism for determining the point when the tissue breaks down. Also modeled is the result of slight variations in dielectric properties within a tissue sample and how these small changes result in significant parameter variance.

Previously published experimental work is used to provide the change in dielectric properties per degree of temperature.