High-Resolution Images for Articles and Papers

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Title: High-Resolution Images for Articles and Papers
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How to create high-resolution images for printed material.


The fastest way to create high resolution images from COMSOL is to click the Image Snapshot button at the top of the current graphics window.


In the dialog box that appears, you can set the image quality and image target (clipboard or file). Start by specifying the DPI value for the intended hardcopy output. For example, if you intend to print it on a 300 DPI printer, set 300 DPI. This will adjust font sizes and line thicknesses to print in the correct physical height or thickness on the hardcopy output. Next, set the resolution. For high quality printed material and articles, a recommended value is 4096 pixels in the Width field, 4096 pixels in the Height field. In a 300 DPI hardcopy output device this will produce a high-res picture that is about 34.7 cm x 34.7 cm.

Snapshot 2

To export an image programmatically, you can place the operation in the Export node under Results. This allows for saving an image for each parameter step in a parametric sweeps, for example. Another good thing with the Export node is that the model mph file will remember the image specification between sessions. To add an image export to the Export node, you first have to right-click the result node you want to export and select Add Image to Export. The Image subnode will then appear under the Export Node (which is in turn also under the Results node). Clicking on the Image subnode will allow you to do the resolution and other settings.



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