The new Microfluidics Module includes the microfluidics functionality in the version 4.1 of the MEMS Module and new functionality for microfluidics modeling.

Pressure distribution in an ion implanter modeled with the Molecular Flow interface in the Microfluidics Module.


  • Laminar and creeping flows, compressible (Ma<0.3) and incompressible flows, and non-Newtonian flows supported.
  • Multiphase flow with the level set and phase field methods, plus a new multiphase flow interface with the moving mesh method.
  • Porous media with Darcy’s law and the Brinkman equations, plus a Free and Porous Media Flow interface.
  • Enhanced interface for transport of diluted species supporting diffusion, convection, and migration of multiple species.
  • Extensive support for electrokinetic effects including electrowetting, electroosmosis, electrophoresis, and dielectrophoresis.
  • Support for non-isothermal flows, Joule heating, heat conduction, and heat convection.
  • Rarefied flows in the slip-flow and molecular-flow regimes.

New Models

  • Drug Delivery System
  • Electrowetting Lens
  • Jet Instability (Level Set and Moving Mesh)
  • Viscous Catenary
  • Ion Implanter
  • Vacuum Capillary