New Functionality in Version 4.3a

  • A new general 2.5D formulation for waves where the out-of-plane wave number (azimuthal mode number) is greater than 0. This is useful for disk antenna modeling, accurate scattering modeling, laser (Gaussian) beam models, and cavity model analysis for accelerators, for example.
  • The new Electomagnetic Waves, Time Explicit physics interface solves a system of two first-order partial differential equations (Faraday’s law and Maxwell-Ampère’s law) for the electric and magnetic fields using the time explicit discontinuous Galerkin method. The sources can be in the form of volumetric electric or magnetic currents or electric surface currents or fields on boundaries. It is used primarily to model electromagnetic wave propagation in linear media. Typical applications involve the transient propagation of electromagnetic pulses.
  • Port for periodic structures in 2D models. This port feature makes it easier to model excitation of Floquet periodic structures and includes automatic setup of diffraction orders.
  • Support for volumetric currents, making it possible to set a volumetric external current density in domains.