New Functionality in Version 4.3a

  • A full set of edge conditions (in 3D) or point conditions (in 2D) for fracture flow are now available as subnodes for the Fracture Flow node used as a boundary condition in the Darcy’s Law user interface.
  • The Creeping Flow user interface is now included in the Subsurface Flow Module.

Updated Model

  • The Pore Scale model has been improved. The second part of the model now calculates porosity and permeability from an imported image.

Backward Compatibility vs. 4.3

Brinkman Equations and Free and Porus Media Flow

The momentum equations in the Brinkman Equations interface and the Free and Porous Media Flow interface have been corrected. The term -Qbr·u/εp2in the right hand side previously lacked the factor 1/εp2, where εp is the porosity.

Weak Constraints Update for Fluid Flow Interfaces

The weak constraint formulation for some boundary conditions in the following interfaces have been updated:

  • Laminar Flow
  • Brinkman Equations
  • Free and Porous Media Flow

See CFD Module for details.