Bracket - Various Analyses

Application ID: 10314

These models are used for an introduction to structural mechanics modeling using the structural mechanics module.

The following features are introduced:
- The Fundamentals: A Static Linear Analysis
- Parametric study
- Including Initial Strain
- Modeling Thermal Expansion
- Adding Rigid Connector
- Adding Spring Conditions
- Modeling with the Shell Physics Interface
- Transient Analysis
- Eigenfrequency Analysis
- Prestressed Eigenfrequency Analysis
- Frequency Response Analysis
- Prestressed Frequency Response Analysis
- A geometric non-linear problem: linear buckling modeling
- Modeling contact problems
- Analyzing pre-stressed bolts with contact
- Presenting results from shell element analyses in 3D

This model example illustrates applications of this type that would nominally be built using the following products:

Structural Mechanics Module